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Evolution of Razzle part 1

I am bored. So I present you with the evolution of Razzle. My Sugar Plum Princess Sweet Girlie KeeKee. SO not dial up friendly...

Want to see how she went from this...

To this?

This is the day they came into my home. Sweet little bundles of peeing and pooping joy. I was volunteering at the animal shelter at the time, and said I would be interested in fostering a litter of kittens. A lady called me on a Saturday, and said she had gotten six 10 day old kittens in, and there was no one available to take them. seh said if someone didn't come soon, they wouldn't make it through the night.

Look at the size comparison to my hand. SO LITTLE! A lady said her dog kept running from the back corner of the yard, to the back door, to the corner, to the back door trying to get her attention.

When seh went to investigate, she found the babies. Thinking their mom would come and get them, she took the dog inside. And waited, and waited. Nothing happened. After a few hours, she brought them in.

I immediately went to get them. They were in a shoebox on the volunteer sign in counter. I still have the two dish towels that were in there with them. 

When B got home, I had them in their little box, on the bathroom floor next to my cabinet. I couldn't stop grinning, but I wanted him to guess what I brought home. THIS was the last thing he expected to see I am sure!

This was the first kneading/attempt at purring, and it was so cute I immediately vomitted little heart shapes all over the place. 

They were completely adorable, and required a suprisingly little amount of attention. Every few hours I would make them go potty, feed them, potty them again, and they would go right back to sleep. 

then they started getting more active, almost over night it seems.

Their eyes were opening and they were ready to explore the world. 

My little Razzle was the runt, and always significantly smaller than her sisters and brother. There was only one boy in the litter. Though I was always adamant that we were NOT keeping ANY of them.

They were eating a ton, and growing at a crazy rate!

and sometimes fell asleep sitting up after their bellies were full.

Cuddle time was still a favorite activity. After 20-30 minutes of being awake, they were done for the next hour or so.

They loved uncle Remo.

They got old enough to eat on their own. And old enough for us to sneak off for a night alone. We made plans to go to the resort at Squaw for a night, and I arranged for a co worker to come and check in on them in the evening, as we would be home before noon the next day. The morning we were headed to leave in the afternoon after work, I went to check in on them. I noticed that they all came running to me except the little black and white runt. She was laying on the little bed they had. I went to pick her up and she was cold to the touch, and not responsive, but purring lightly. I wrapped her in a towel and ran into the kitchen with her. In hindsight, she never seemed to eat much once they switched to eating on their own. I was stupid to just hope that she would catch up. She must not have been eating or drinking much at all thorugh the previous day or two. She would go to the food dish with the others, so I was hoping she was getting enough. I quickly made up some of their milk and put it in a bottle. I held her in one hand, and dropped some drops of milk into her mouth. I could see her swallowing, and she started purring a little louder. I took her to work with me that day. I put a heating pad in a shoebox on low, as she still wasn't maintaining her body heat. When I got to work and lifted the towel, she still hadn't moved from the exact position I put her in. I closed my eyes and prayed that she was alive. I picked her up, and she attempted to lift her head to look at me. I fed her some more, and kept her in a towel on my lap with the heating pad for the majority of the day. Just a few short hours later and she had already made a remarkable difference. She was trying to stand up, and was alert enough to look around. I realized that I obviously couldn't leave her with the others that night, so I decided to take her with us. I packed up some litter, and used a shoebox lid as the litter box. I packed a heating pad, some formula, a bottle, and plenty of water, as she would only drink water besides the milk mix. That afternoon at the Resort, she was downright spunky! B says she tricked us into taking her with us. It was then we decided to keep her. She was originally supposed to go with a family that had a five year old little girl. I couldn't, in good conscience, give them a cat that may or may not even make it. Coincidentally, there was only one kitten left without a home, so they took her instead. This is how little Razzle was, half the size of her siblings, though she continued from that point to improve rapidly.

Her pathetic attempt at playing with dad. She was so shaky and off balance. I was laughing so hard I thought I was going to cry. Such a teeny little thing with so much sass.

It's funny how scraggely she looks here. Poor thing.

This is the one that went to the home Razzle was SUPPOSED to go to. Her name is Josie now, and they also took her sister who they named Maxine. I don't know what the deal is with the gimped up legs here.

I don't know what the deal is with the gimped up legs there. But she was always special. Case in point:

Yes, she is SLEEPING like that.

Little Razzle in between her sisters.

Razzle and her brother. He went with my friend Charmaine, and his name is Milo.

Little Maxine

Fat bellied Razzle finally putting on weight.

I wanted to keep her brother. He was the sweetest little boy ever. and those EYES!

But he went to a good home with Charmaine.

These three went first. Later to be named Shadow (real original I know), Milo, and Ava.

Then Josie and Maxine...

Leaving my little Razzle Bella.

Who immediately became spoiled beyond all reason.



Mar. 14th, 2008 02:24 pm (UTC)
Oh wow! What a beautiful story! Thanks for sharing.

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